Paul Harris

“From the hill country of Arkansas. And I know what you're thinking. Hillbillies are a bunch of beer drinkin, kid beatin, sleeping with your cousin, deer killin, fish fryin, gun toatin, Copenhagn dippin, carnival workin, crash-up dirby drivin, pig chasin, NASCAR watchin, frog giggin, one tooth havin, inbread rejects. That is not true... I have all my teeth.”

Paul's career has taken him from comedy clubs to headlining his own show in Branson. Comedian/singer/musician, his musical tastes range from Rock to Bluegrass.

What's New

Branson, MO - Starlite Theatre @ 7:30pm

Branson, MO - Starlite Theatre @ 7:30pm

Branson, MO - Starlite Theatre @ 2:00pm